Join The Network

Any church or ministry who desires to unite with this organization must fully understand that the International Fellowship of Covenant Churches and Ministries is a God-ordained union of various churches and ministries who are totally committed to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to each other.

The first step in becoming a member of this dynamic organism is to set up an initial interview with the Presiding Bishop (either in person or telephonically). Information shared during the initial interview will largely determine whether we are destined for a covenant relationship or not. If it is determined that we can indeed develop a covenant relationship, the next step will involve a personal meeting with the prospective pastor and the congregation. After all meetings are completed, the final step will be a covenant service to welcome the new pastor and congregation to IFCCM.

Some pastors may desire a spiritual covering without involving their church or ministry. Again, the first step will be an interview with the Presiding Bishop to determine if the prospective covenant relationship will be mutually beneficial. In addition, we also provide a spiritual covering for other five-fold ministry gifts who are seeking a genuine relationship with a spiritual father to enhance their own gifting and growth in the Lord.

Finally, we also network with many other churches and ministries who may prefer not to enter into an official covenant relationship. This is mostly an information-sharing relationship that is mutually beneficial to all concerned parties. Our main goal is to get connected with fellow leaders in the Body of Christ to bring us all into maturity in God’s kingdom.